Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Josquin - Missa Di dadi etc - The Tallis Scholars/Philips

Rating: 5/5

Another excellent disc from The Tallis Scholars

This latest addition to The Tallis Scholars' Josquin mass cycle is, like the others, quite fabulous.  Here we have two early masses whose authorship is perhaps questionable, but which are still very fine and worthy of inclusion under Josquin's name.

Both these settings and their respective performances are excellent; slightly strangely, it is the more obscure (and more doubtful) Missa Une Mousse de Biscaye which I find the more rewarding.  Perhaps this is because it is new to me, but its prominent lower register in particular makes a powerful impact on me and the overall sound often puts me in mind a little of the opening of Josquin's great motet Praeter rerum seriem.  The Missa di dadi is a little less visceral but still very potent, and both are sung with The Tallis Scholars' trademark precision, beauty, engagement with the text and wonderful fluency of line. 

I ran out of superlatives to use about The Tallis Scholars quite some time ago.  I have bought each disc as it came out for over 30 years now; I have never been disappointed and have often been thrilled.  This is another truly excellent release in a series which will surely be the benchmark for Josquin masses for many years.  It scarcely needs an endorsement from me, but I can still recommend this very warmly indeed.  It's another real gem.

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