Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Victoria - Canticum Nativitatis Domini - Capella de Ministres

Rating: 2/5

Very disappointing

I'm afraid I found this very disappointing.  Neither the performance nor the recording quality is really good enough.

Victoria's music is wonderful, and there are many very fine recordings of it available.  This doesn't stand up to comparison.  The singing is adequate but unbalanced, so individual voices sometimes dominate inappropriately, some voices have too much vibrato to blend and the overall sound is rather muddy and indistinct.  As a result, rather than the sublime beauty of Victoria's music shining though, we get an indistinct, undifferentiated and woolly sound which doesn't really convey any of the meaning or spirituality in the music.

I am sorry to be so critical, but I think this is a pretty poor recording and I'll be going back to The Tallis Scholars, The Cardinall's Musick, The Orchestra Of The Renaissance and others; I can't recommend this.

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