Monday, 22 May 2017

Rameau - Pieces de clavecin - Frisch

Rating: 5/5

A lovely disc

This is a lovely disc, which I am glad to see reissued.

Rameau's music is extremely enjoyable; the suites presented here are varied and interesting with a fine array of melodic and harmonic invention.  I have always found Rameau to be a very enjoyable listen, and CĂ©line Frisch brings out the best in him.  She is thoughtful or energetic as appropriate and her technique is excellent so that she rises to the technical challenges easily.  The overall sound is wonderful, I think.  Originally recorded by Alpha, the harpsichord is deep and rich in tone and captured beautifully so that it's s thrilling sound throughout.

I have very fine recordings of Rameau by the likes of Christophe Rousset and Angela Hewitt, and this disc by Frisch is their equal in my view – which is really saying something.  As a selection of Rameau's keyboard work, you can't go wrong here and I can recommend it very warmly.

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