Monday, 4 December 2017

Lutz Kirchhof - The Language of the Gods

Rating: 4/5

Not a favourite

Lutz Kirchhof has constructed a programme of French baroque lute works here which includes some well known names like de Visée and the Gaultiers along with a number of more obscure composers – to me, anyway.  It's an approach I like because it is always good to bring less well known music to light, but to me not all the music here really merits its place.  It's a personal feeling, of course, but I don't find this as consistently interesting as some collections.

Kirchhof is a fine lutenist who has been making well-received recordings for many years.  Again, this is a personal take on it, but I often find a slight stiffness in his approach which I don't find as appealing as the lucidity of lutenists like Paul O'Dette, Jakob Lindberg, Nigel North and others.  The result is that, although the disc has its fine moments and the overall sound is very enjoyable, it's not really among my favourite lute recordings.  It's certainly worth investigating by any lute enthusiast, but my recommendation is slightly qualified.

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