Thursday, 22 February 2018

Josquin - The Spirit Like A Dove - Apollo5, Ingenium

Rating: 5/5

A very fine disc

I think this is a very fine disc.  The music is wonderful and it is very well sung.

The music is a parody mass based on Richafort's motet Quem dicunt homines, possibly by Josquin, and Factum est autem which is an undisputed Josquin motet.  Whatever their authorship, both are truly lovely works.

The singing is excellent, with faultless intonation, very nice balance and blend, and a  lovely fluency of line.  The singers bring out all the depth and spirituality in the text and the overall sound is lovely.  There's a resonant (but not over-resonant) acoustic which makes the basses in particular really ring, perhaps at the cost of a little distinctness of individual parts sometimes, but that's fine with me.  It's wonderfully beautiful and just a pleasure to listen to.

The notes by David Wyatt are very interesting.  He makes some very good points about the methodology used to try to authenticate works attributed to Josquin and presents a very plausible case to consider this mass as authentic.  I am not qualified to pronounce on the matter, but to my ears it's certainly good enough to have been written by him.

In short, this is a very fine release all round, which  can recommend very warmly.

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