Sunday, 21 June 2015

Serenissima - The Rose Consort of Viols


An excellent disc 

This is an excellent disc. The Rose Consort of Viols have been making very fine recordings for fifteen years now, and this is among their best, I think.

The idea of this disc is to explore viol consort music played on Venetian viols. They play modern copies, based on a single surviving example, and they have a lovely, rounded sound. The music is excellently chosen to give a lovely, varied programme by a wide variety of composers - some familiar and some not, and some, like Cipriano de Rore for example, not usually associated with a viol consort. The result is fascinating, it never gets samey or boring and it is utterly lovely.

The beauty of sound is due to the excellence of the playing of The Rose Consort who bring the loveliest of tones from their viols and play with a virtuosity and depth of understanding that makes this music sound utterly natural. It's exemplary playing, and it means that this is among my very favourite viol consort recordings alongside great performances by Phantasm and Fretwork. The recorded sound is excellent, and this is a very fine disc all round. Very warmly recommended.

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