Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mozart - Divertimento, K563 - Trio Zimmermann

Rating: 5/5

A fabulous recording

I think this is a terrific disc. I have loved the Grumiaux recording for many years; this is its equal, I think, and the excellent sound quality may even give it the edge.

The principal work here is the Mozart Divertimento in Eb, K563.  Its title, suggesting a small lighter work, is a complete misnomer – it has six varied movements, each of them wonderful in its own way, it is longer than most symphonies and is a pinnacle of the chamber music repertoire.  There is a great range of mood and emotion here from the introspectively beautiful to the charmingly cheerful; it's a truly great work which needs a great performance to do it justice.  It gets one here, I think.

Trio Zimmermann's playing is quite wonderful.  They are technically excellent with impeccable intonation and a mastery of their instruments which makes even the most demanding passages sound quite natural.  Their tone is lovely throughout and they have a genuine rapport which lends the music an intimacy which is very appealing.  They just seem to "get" what Mozart is doing here, sounding completely at home and moving between Mozart's different moods with complete understanding and empathy.  It's an exemplary performance to my ears, which is beautifully recorded by BIS.  The sound is superbly captured and the whole disc just glows.

I don't mean to gush, but I do think this is an exceptionally fine disc.  I love it, and recommend it very, very warmly.

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