Saturday, 19 September 2015

Neusidler - Lute Works - O'Dette

Rating: 5/5

Another very good disc from Paul O'Dette

I like this disc very much. I absolutely loved O'Dette's disc of Kapsberger and bought this on the strength of it. Neusidler is of the preceding generation (1531-1594) and his music is more in the style of Dowland than the early baroque of Kapsberger. Although it is perhaps less intense and musically inventive than Dowland, there is beauty, charm and interest here in abundance and Neusidler certainly deserves a disc of his own music.

O'Dette, of course, plays beautifully. He is a quite superlative lutenist, making the music speak and producing the most lovely sound from his lute, excellently recorded by Harmonia Mundi. The setting of Joseph lieber, Joseph mein is simply exquisite and to my ears there's not a duff track on this very well-filled 78-minute-plus disc. Another reviewer found it a bit lacking in interest, but I have to say that I get a lot from this disc every time I play it. I do love the lute, so take that into account when assessing this review, but I recommend this disc very warmly.

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