Thursday, 2 March 2017

Marais - Jeux d'Harmonie - Rasi

Rating: 5/5

Excellent Marais

I think this is excellent.  I was a little surprised by how good it was; I hadn't come across Alberto Rasi before and there are already a lot of superb recordings by geniuses of the gamba like Paolo Pandolfo, Jordi Savall and others.  This disc stands very well among them.

Marais' music is lovely, often quite dark but full of invention and interest.  Rasi plainly gets all this, and in addition brings a lovely fluency to the lines with a subtle touch which really allows the music to glow, I think.  It's perhaps a less introspective approach than we may be used to, and I think it works very well indeed; Rasi has the technique to make it all sound utterly natural and with excellent, resonant recorded sound the effect is very beautiful.

Even if, like me, you already have a number of very fine recordings of Marais this is well worth trying, and I can recommend it very warmly.

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