Friday, 31 March 2017

Delalande - Sacred Works - Herreweghe

Rating: 3/5

Rather disappointing

I'm afraid I found this rather disappointing.  I tried it because Philippe Herreweghe's work is always worth listening to, but the music itself didn't do much for me.

Naturally, the performances are excellent.  Herreweghe has assembled a fine cast of singers and musicians who do a very good job, but Delalande's music itself  just seems a little ordinary to me.  There's nothing wrong with it as such, but it really didn't hold enough harmonic or melodic interest to kee me listening for any length of time and, frankly, I got a little bored after a while.

His is just a personal view, of course, with which you may disagree, but for me this is a laudable project to record less well-known music but it's not a disc I'll be listening to often.

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