Friday, 30 June 2017

Guerrero - Missa Super flumina Babylonis - Noone

Rating: 5/5

Review :
A terrific disc

I love Michael Noone's recordings of Guerrero and this is another very fine achievement.

Although he doesn't get as much recognition as his near-contemporary Victoria, Guerrero's music is excellent.  It is inventive, rich and very beautiful – qualities which this recording brings out very well.  The singing by Ensemble Plus Ultra is excellent throughout with a lovely blend and balance and real engagement with the text.  The instrumental work, too, is top-class, with a fabulous rich sound which complements but never dominates the voices.  It's an exemplary performance, in my view.

The recorded sound and presentation are both of Glossa's usual very high standard and this is a terrific disc all round.  Very warmly recommended.

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