Thursday, 15 November 2018

de Visée - Robert de Visée a Versailles - Duo Baroque La Tour

Rating: 5/5

Exclellent de Visée

I like this disc very much. There are some very fine recordings of de Visée’s solo works for lute, theorbo and guitar, but these pieces, adapted from the composer’s own arrangements were new to me. They are just as good and a real delight throughout.

De Visée was a very fine composer, who was regarded as highly as Couperin, Forqueray and others at Versailles. It is easy to see why from these works; they are inventive, interesting and very enjoyable to listen to. Duo Baroque La Tour play them beautifully; the combination of the theorbo with the various flutes and recorders is extremely beguiling and the musicianship is excellent, so the music really shines. It is very well recorded and the notes are interesting and informative, so it’s a really good release all round. Warmly recommended.

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