Friday, 2 November 2018

Purcell - Fantasias etc - Les Voix Humaines

Rating: 4/5

Slightly plodding interpretations

I really like many of Les Voix Humaines’ recordings, especially their marvellous Sainte-Colombe series, but I don’t think this is one of their best. There are some truly excellent recordings of Purcell’s Fantazias and compared to, say, Fretwork or the excellent 2015 disc by the consort Sit Fast this feels just a little plodding. It’s not that I dislike it and there’s certainly nothing actively wrong with it, but somehow I don’t get the full sense of Purcell’s depth and remarkable musical innovation here.

This could just be me; Les Voix Humaines are excellent musicians and the recorded sound is very good, so others may get on better with this disc than I did, but personally I’ll be sticking to my other loved recordings and can only give this a rather qualified recommendation.

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