Monday, 5 October 2015

Caldara - Trio Sonatas Opp. 1 & 2 - beyer et al

Rating: 5/5

Terrific stuff

I think this is terrific.  I wasn't very familiar with Caldara, having just heard a few oddments on the radio from time to time, and these pieces were entirely new to me.  They turned out to be a delight.

These are sonatas for two violins and continuo, and they are full of very fine, varied music.  The influence of Corelli seems plain but the sonatas have their own individual style and identity and make a really satisfying listen.  Much of this is due to the playing of Amandine Beyer, Leila Schayegh and their continuo group, which is quite excellent.  Beyer is brilliant in this repertoire and I have admired her work for some time.  This is well up to standard and her fellow musicians are just as good.  They generate real zing and power when needed, and genuine tenderness and beauty in other places.  It's exemplary Baroque and chamber playing, I think, and a real pleasure to listen to.

Glossa do their usual excellent job of both sound recording and presentation, making this an all-round gem of a disc, I think.  Very warmly recommended.

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