Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mozart - Clarinet Works - Ogrintchouk et al

Rating: 5/5

Outstanding Mozart

I think this is an outstanding Mozart recording. Slightly to my shame, I had not come across Alexei Ogrintchouk's work before but he is a excellent musician who produces something quite special here.

The works on the disc are the Oboe Quartet K370, the Oboe Concerto K314 and a transcription of the Violin Sonata K378. It's a fine programme of excellent, varied music, of course, but it's all pretty well-known and the question is whether Ogrintchouk and his fellow musicians can bring anything new to it. I think they do.

There is a real empathy with Mozart's music here, I think. Ogrintchouk has a lovely, crisp articulation but the music always flows beautifully so that it feels perfectly balanced. All Mozart's profundity, wit, beauty and charm shine out: it is simply excellent playing. For me, this does for Mozart's oboe works what Thea King did for his clarinet works on her classic recording, which is really saying something.

Superb recorded sound from BIS and very good notes and presentation make this an excellent disc all round, and I recommend it very warmly indeed.

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