Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Carlos V; Mille regretz - Savall

Rating: 5/5

Another cracker from Savall

This is yet another cracking disc from Jordi Savall.  It is a collection of vocal and instrumental pieces from the first half of the 16th Century, based loosely around the chanson Mille Regretz.  There are some familiar composers here, like Josquin, Morales, Willert and others and also some more obscure pieces including a number of anonymous ones.  It's a terrific programme, put together with Savall's unfailing scholarship and musical judgement.

The performances are, as you'd expect, terrific.  The overall sound is lovely, the individual singers and players are excellent and the arrangements are impeccable; the judgement of the use of percussion is excellent, for example.  It's a fabulous disc.

I've loved Savall's work for many years now, and this is among his best, I think.  The recorded sound, presentation and notes are all up to Alia Vox's usual excellent standard and it's a really good disc all round.  I can recommend this very warmly indeed.

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