Thursday, 14 April 2016

Terzi - Il secondo libro... - Beier/Marchitelli

Rating: 5/5

Enjoyable lute music

This is an enjoyable disc of late 16th Century lute music. We know precious little about Terzi's life - not even his exact dates - but quite a bit of his work survives and it is good to have it available.

The music is Italian and considerably sunnier in disposition than that of Terzi's contemporary Dowland. These are more free-form pieces such as toccatas and fantasias rather than the more dance-like pieces we know from Dowland, and this is a very engaging selection of them. They are tuneful and charming and although there are galliards and the like, the feel of the selection is of sunny and rhythmically fairly free music. It is very enjoyable indeed.

The playing by Beier and Marchitelli is good and in places truly delightful. They bring out the music's charm very nicely and they are a pleasure to listen to. The recording is slightly on the dry side for my taste but the overall sound is still very good. The notes by the two performers themselves are informative and it's an attractive disc all round. Recommended.

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