Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Franco-Flemish Masterworks - Hilliard Ensemble

Rating: 5/5

A magnificent box

This is a magnificent box.  You get 8 CDs of superb music sung by one of the world's greatest ensembles.  It spans the century roughly from 1450-1550 and the title "masterworks" is no exaggeration.  These are fantastic works by some of the greatest composers of the age - and I would argue of Josquin, one of the greatest ever.

The Hilliard Ensemble bring their superb technique and haunting sound to every one of these pieces and it all simply shines.  I have listed below links to earlier releases of the CDs in this box.  There you will find detailed reviews for most of them if you're interested.  Otherwise, just snap this box up - it's an absolute gem and a monumental bargain!

CD1&2: Ockeghem - Requiem, Missa Mi-Mi,Missa Prolationum, marian motets
CD3&4: Josquin & Gombert - Mass, motets etc
CD5: de la Rue - Missa Iocunditate etc.
CD6: Lassus - Motets
CD7&8: Lassus - Penitential psalms

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