Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Heinechen - Dresden Concerti - Musica Antiqua Köln/Goebel

Rating: 5/5


I find these concerti by Heinichen utterly delightful. There is plenty of musical invention here, but I think the overwhelming impression is one of immense charm and joi de vivre. There is huge wit, too - the amazing Pastorell from the C major Concerto, for example, which imitates the bagpipes, complete with the opening coming up to pitch as the bag is inflated and closing wobble as the pressure is released, and it's all done with conventional woodwind instruments. I love it - it makes me smile every time, as well as being a well-written piece of music in the middle of a very enjoyable Concerto.

Musica Antiqua Köln are, as always, impeccable under Reinhard Goebel, giving the music exactly the right balance of respect for very good compositions and enthusiastic zing and twinkle. It's irresistible, and a fine bargain for two CDs at this price. Recommended very warmly.

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