Friday, 3 November 2017

Bach - Violin Sonatas & Partitas - Kremer (1981)

Rating: 3/5

Not for me

This is Gidon Kremer's first recording of the Sonatas and Partitas from 1981.  Kremer is a very fine violinist and I like a lot of his work very much, but I'm afraid this doesn't do much for me.

These things are a matter of personal taste, of course: Kremer's technique is excellent and he brings plenty of passion to these wonderful pieces, but for me he is a bit over-attacking a lot of the time.  There is subtlety, dance and delicacy in these works as well as intensity and darkness and I could do with a bit more of the subtle, dancing and delicate sides.

Others plainly like this far better than I do and you may, too.  Personally, though, I'll be sticking to my dearly loved recordings by, among others, Rachel Podger, Viktoria Mullova and Isabelle Faust which, in their different ways, all show me far more of the fabulous range of these great works.

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