Monday, 6 November 2017

Falckenhagen - Sonate di Liuto Solo - Maginley

Rating: 4/5

An enjoyable disc

This is a good disc of well-played and enjoyable music.  Falckenhagen was a contemporary of Bach and Weiss and his music makes up part of the final flowering of Baroque lute music.

Andrew Maginley is a fine lutenist who brings charm, delicacy and some foot-tapping dance rhythm to these pieces as appropriate.  It's enjoyable stuff, although I have to say that musically I don't find it as interesting or engaging as the lute music of either Bach or Weiss.  It's certainly pleasant to listen to, but I do find my attention wandering after a sonata or two.

However, even if these aren't musical masterpieces anyone with an interest in the lute (like me) will find much to enjoy in this disc.  It is well recorded and I can recommend it.

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