Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dorothee Oberlinger - Recorder Concertos

Rating: 5/5

A cracking recording

This is a cracking disc of Baroque recorder concertos.  It features two by the excellent Telemann (whom I still think is a very under-rated composer), one by Graupner and one by Schultze, who is a new composer to me.  The music is all hugely enjoyable, with some genuine melodic and harmonic invention to maintain interest.

It is the playing which really makes this so good.  Oberlinger herself is a very fine player, with dazzling virtuosity in places and a touch and feel which really brings the music to life.  Reinhard Goebel is in his element here and he and the excellent Ensemble 1700 bring a lovely supple feel to the performance.  Slower movements have genuine emotion and depth while there is a real zing in some of the quicker movements which I love.

In short, this is an excellent recording by very fine musicians, which I can recommend warmly.

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