Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Zelenka - Trio Sonatas ZWV181 - Ensemble Berlin Prag

Rating: 5/5

A gem

I have owned and loved both of the recordings of these sonatas by Heinz Holliger and his ensemble for many years.  This is as good as either, I think.

The music is terrific; it is rich, varied and even a little strange in places, but it's thoroughly enjoyable Baroque chamber music which is also very rewarding to listen to.  The playing of Ensemble Berlin Prag does it full justice.  They are under the "musical supervision" of the excellent Reinhard Goebel, whose involvement persuaded me to try this set in the first place, and the result is a delight.  They are supple and very responsive to the music, giving it full weight where it requires it but with an underlying sense of real enjoyment and a little playfulness on occasion.  It's terrific stuff and I love it.  The recorded sound is excellent and the whole effect is a pleasure from start to finish.

In short, this is a little gem of a release which I can recommend very warmly.

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