Saturday, 14 May 2016

La Guitarra Espanola - Moreno

Rating: 5/5

An excellent reissue

This is an excellent and very welcome reissue of two recordings from the mid-1990s by the excellent Jose Miguel Moreno. They span four centuries of works for the Spanish guitar and its predecessor, the vihuela. It is a rich, diverse and extremely satisfying collection.

The earlier works by Luys de Narvaez and others on the vihuela are excellently done and rival Hopkinson Smith's brilliant recordings, which is really saying something. For me, though, the highlights of this set are the later classical and romantic works by the likes of Sor and Tarrega. Moreno seems really to come into his own here: they are magnificently played and the sound of his guitar is fabulous. I have some of these pieces played by the great Andres Segovia and while I wouldn't want to draw a parallel between Moreno (who is very good indeed) and Segovia (who was a towering genius), Moreno does play them extremely beautifully in his own way and the fantastic quality of the recorded sound on these discs makes the pieces really glow.

Anyone with any interest in guitar music will find an immense amount to enjoy here and I recommend this set very warmly.

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