Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Magdalena Kozena - Lettere Amorose

Rating: 5/5

Thoroughly enjoyable

This is a thoroughly enjoyable disc of very good music, excellently performed. Magdalena Kozena is a superb singer but I must say I had doubts about whether her style would fit this repertoire. No need to worry - it does. She retains her emotional engagement with the music but reins in the more operatic aspects of her voice, especially vibrato which is delicately used, and the result is a lovely, rewarding interpretation of these songs.

The instrumental group are equally good. They play a variety of instruments in accompaniment including guitars, theorbo, violone, harp and percussion. They are supple and extremely sympathetic, making the songs glow with beauty and emotion. The five brief instrumental pieces on the disc are hugely enjoyable and played with real zing.

The recorded sound is excellent, the notes good and the presentation attractive. It's a really good disc all round and very warmly recommended.

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