Sunday, 1 May 2016

Schubert - Piano Trio in Bb, D898, Noturno, etc. - Florestan Trio

Rating: 5/5

Superb Schubert

This is a terrific disc.  The music is simply wonderful; it is full of charm, beauty, thoughtfulness and the most brilliant melodic and harmonic invention.  For me, the Notturno in particular is the most fabulous miniature with its sublimely beautiful opening and closing passages and the darker, more dramatic middle section, but it's all chamber music of the highest order.

The Florestans play it superbly.  There is a real feeling of life and depth in the music throughout and their technical excellence allows them to really bring out the meaning and feel of the music while sounding completely at ease with it; it's exemplary playing.  I have the Beaux Arts Trio's recordings of these works which I have loved for many years and I think this is better – and I can't think of any higher praise than that.

This really is one of the finest and most enjoyable discs of Schubert's chamber music that I know (which is really saying something) and I can recommend it very, very warmly.

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