Sunday, 26 July 2015

Locatelli - Sonatas Op.4 - Raglan Baroque Players/Wallfisch

Rating: 5/5

A terrific set

This very welcome re-release is a real treat. Locatelli (a younger contemporary of Bach) was a genuinely significant 18th-Century composer and violinist and the music here is always enormously enjoyable and often full of musical interest. The virtuosic pyrotechnics one would expect of Locatelli are all there but there is also great lyricism and tenderness, making this a very engaging collection of baroque music.

The musicianship is fantastic. Elisabeth Wallfisch is joined by a wonderful group of stars of baroque including them Richard Tunnicliffe, Catherine Weiss and Catherine Mackintosh (of the Purcell Quartet), the Isserlis sisters and others who are not only very fine instrumentalists in their own right but plainly enjoy playing together enormously. The group is chamber in scale giving them a lovely suppleness which really brings a sparkle to this music.

The recorded sound is (as always from Hyperion) is excellent and the notes full and interesting. It's an excellent set all round and is now at budget price for the two CD set. Very warmly recommended.

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