Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mozart - Clarinet Quintet, Kegelstatt Trio - Quatuor Mosaiques

Rating: 5/5

A wonderful disc

This is a lovely disc of two of Mozart's great chamber works. Both playing and recording are really excellent here and this is one of my favourite recordings of both works.

Quatuor Mosaiques are one of the world's leading chamber ensembles, with lots of magnificent recordings behind them, including all ten of Mozart's mature string quartets.This disc is just as good, in my view. They play on period instruments with very limited vibrato which gives their performances a warm, clean sound. This is very well suited to the works here, and Wolfgang Meyer matches this perfectly. You feel that all five musicians really understand Mozart; they don't swamp the music with grand romantic gestures or excessive rubato, but the music still has plenty of beauty, elegance and excitement in their hands. They have a fine understanding between them and their superb technique just allows each movement to shine.

The recorded sound by Naïve is excellent and the presentation is attractive, making this first-rate disc all round. It ranks in my affections with my dearly loved disc of the Clarinet Quintet by Thea King and the Gabieli Quartet, which is really saying something. I think this is a wonderful disc, and I recommend it very warmly indeed.

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