Monday, 27 July 2015

Obrecht: Chansons, Songs, Motets - Capilla Flamenca/Piffaro/Snellings

Rating: 5/5

Capilla Flamenca do it again

This is another excellent disc from Capilla Flamenca. Here we have a collection of mainly secular songs by Obrecht, although there are some sacred motets and also a couple of instrumental pieces and a piece each by Aquilla and Neusidler. Obrecht was a fine composer and the disc is arranged to make a very enjoyable and interesting programme of late 15th-Century songs.

As always, Capilla Flamenca are excellent. Vocally impeccable in intonation, balance and engagement with the texts, they have a lovely full sound, beautifully supported by their own instrumentalists and the group Piffaro, whom I have not come across before but who are also very good indeed. Instrumental and vocal balance is very well handled and the whole thing is a pleasure from start to finish.

With excellent recorded sound, very full and interesting notes and lovely presentation, this is a terrific disc all round, and I can recommend it very warmly.

(By the way, I would also especially recommend Capilla Flamenca's box set "Portrait Musical" of Pierre de la Rue's masses, which is quite superb.)

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